Optimum Utilization of Resources Integration between resources and required services leading to Community Development

  Thought By-
Dr. Panckaj Garg,
Founder & Advisor ,
Jayoti Vidyapeeth Women's University, Jaipur
  Date: 2018-02-22  

Thought Process

 Optimum Utilization of Resources
Integration between resources and required services leading to Community Development

I Dr. Panckaj Garg, Founder & Advisor of India's First  State Private Women's University "Jayoti Vidyapeeth Women's University, Jaipur" sharing outcomes of University Thought Process Lab.

The Jayoti Vidyapeeth Women's University established in 2008 by Govt. of Raj. in rural area of Jaipur (Raj.). University have offered almost all disciplines i.e. Ayurveda, Homoeopathy, Yoga & Naturopathy, physiotherapy, Medical Lab Technology, Optometry, Radiation Technology, Pharmacy, Humanities, Education, Poly Technique education Journalism, Food & Bio Tech, Law, Science & Commerce and Management (except Modern Medicine & Veterinary Science likely to  be started very soon).

Thought Process: How to  integrate the University resources (Infrastructure & Human Power) with required services for nearby villages.

1. University AYUSH Hospital: University is having Multispeciality 100 bedded AYUSH Hospital of which 60 beds for Ayurvedic Treatment, 20 for Homoeopathy & 20 for Yoga & Naturopathy with  well developed OPD, IPD, Operation Theater, ICU & all diagnostic facilities. University is having team of 60 post graduates AYUSH doctors in different specialization & enough paramedical staff as per minimum norm of  AYUSH  Ministry, Government of India.

Integration: If the University AYUSH hospital is  declared as a referral hospital and 5-10 Primary Health Centre (PHC)  from nearby handed over to our hospital then our medical staff can give their contribution  to Primary Health Centre (PHC) and patients from nearby community  & accidental patients on Highway (Jaipur Ajmer Express way) could reffered to university hospitals and may get benefited with medical Services immediately .

Win Win Situation: With  this Integration nearby population will get immediate treatment without any delay and our medical teaching staff can be involved in social duties in their free duty hours and students will get more practical & clinical exposure thus University resources will be utilized for community development.

Government may also give us an opportunity to run free Dispensing Centre for distribution of Modern Generic, Ayurvedic & Homeopathic Medicines, Vaccination Centre, Diagnostic Centre at our hospitals without any investment and also organize camps & rallies  for awareness of  Government health policies & health awareness programs through  our students in nearby villages.
This is a working model and  it may be implemented  to all AYUSH Medical Colleges/Universities by the Government after our success stories.

2. University Agriculture Department- University established in rural area and as per demand of female students from surrounding areas, University started Agriculture discipline in year 2015. University have well developed department with equipped laboratories, teaching & technical staff as per ICAR norms.

Integration: If Government handed over 30 hectares Barren Land "Banjar Charagah" on lease for at least 15 years  to convert  into  productive land  through plantation  &  cultivation of fodder then  it can  be converted into lush green & fertilized land by using latest technologies & with the help of faculty members and students of the University Agriculture Department.

 After developing the barren land Government may  take back  the developed  land  and give another Barren land for plantation.

In addition, Government may also use University resources  like Soil Testing lab, Food Testing lab, Agriculture Consultancy & Training Centre to facilitate nearby rural  population for improving the  productivity of their  crops.

Win Win Situation: After converting barren land into productive land, there will be huge production of  fodder which can be provided to the cattle's ,  shelter's  &  veterinary clinic can be build  for orphaned animals. for this purpose our  agriculture teaching staff can be involved in social duties in their free duty hours and students will get more practical  exposure for better understanding of their curriculum including research work.

This is a working model and  it may  be  implemented to all Agriculture colleges/universities by the Government after our success stories.

3. University Teaching Education Department- University having education department with modern laboratories  & teaching staff for M.Ed.  B.Ed, BA.B.Ed, BSc. B.Ed. programs as per NCTE norms.
Integration- If Government handed over 5-10 schools for quality improvement and declare them as a practical exposure centre of the University where every saturday classes will be  conducted by our senior students & teaching staff to facilitate the students of these schools  in their different subjects   and through  Skill Development and Computer Education etc. 
Our staff will also interact with the school teachers to teach them latest teaching tools including ICT to enhance their knowledge. Our students can  also involve in various Government education policies/scholarships and door to door campaigning as a volunteer.

Win Win Situation: With this Integration, School staff will be trained with modern teaching methodology & technology. Our staff can be involved in social duties in their free duty hours and  our students will get more practical  exposure for better understanding of their curriculum of Teaching Methodology.

In addition, Government also start Teacher Training Centre, Skill Development Centre & Distance Education Centre in schools of nearby villages & Panchayat Bhawan with the help of University resources for community development without any investment .

 This is a working model, it may be implemented to all universities/Colleges  by the Government.

We appeal to Government , If they are agreed with the thought process outcomes of our University, then they can utilize our resources (Infrastructure & Human Power) to make  such success stories. If success stories comes then it should be implemented to all academic institutions to provide real practical exposure to the students & optimum utilization of resources which will lead to fulfillment of Hon'ble Prime Minister's dream "Beti Bachao- Beti Padhao" including University Mission "Education For Community Development".



Dr. Panckaj Garg
Founder & Advisor
Jayoti Vidyapeeth Women's University