Thought By-
Dr. Panckaj Garg
Founder & Advisor
Jayoti Vidyapeeth Women's University, Jaipur
Contact No- 9784011295

  Date: 2018-03-11  

Thought Process
Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA) scheme is a major initiative by the Government of India towards the improvement of the rural sector for providing wage employment and creating durable assets for livelihood security but to improve outcomes from these investments it is required that preference should be given to significant divisions of rural communities. For this purpose, the Government of India should use MGNREGA funds for fix asset in each Panchayat Headquarters' of villages. The funds shall be given as grant-in-aid to the Gram Panchayat for developing Dairy & Food Preservation Unit, Fodder Farm House, Sanjha Chulha including mid-day meal kitchen, Cold Storage, Old Age Home for urban citizens, Samudayik Shochalay, Sewage Water Treatment Plant (WSTP), Manure Plant, and Skill Development centre in collaboration with local University/Institution by  involving their Students & Teaching Staff. 

The above Rural Development programs promote the sustainability and benefits rural communities. 

1. In India, Dairy Farming is one of the common business in rural areas that contributes to the major part of their income, thus MGNREGA funds should be used in setting up of Dairy and Food Preservation Units, Cold Storages for crops and Fodder Farm House in each Panchayat on Barren Land.
2. Setting up of Sanjha Chulha including Mid-Day Meal Kitchen for providing mid-day meal to nearby schools and food to BPL families in reasonable rates and building up Old Age Home for urban citizens.
3. MGNREGA funds also can be used in setting up of  Samudayik Shochalay, Manure Plant, Sewage Water Treatment Plant (SWTP) Plant in each Panchayat that would support sanitization standards in rural areas and the treated sewage water could be used  for  irrigation propose for growing fodder in Fodder Farm House. 
4. Rather than providing money in form of daily wages for rural livelihood, the Government of India should initiate development of fix assets in each Panchayat in collaboration with local University/Institutes.

The funds released by MNEREGA should be disbursed for construction in a time-bound manner and the project managed by nearby University Department. A co-operative Panchayat society should be formed for this project purpose where 80% employees come under associated Gram- Panchayat and remaining 20 % technical experts are from outside. The senior citizens living in old age home will help to look out care & maintenance of the project as a guardian and revenue generated through these projects shall be invested for the recurring expenses.

If MGNREGA funds are used in successful implementation as above mentioned manner the revenue that will be generated from dairy, cold storage and Sanjha- Chulha including Mid-Day Meal Kitchen and other developed units 80% of the total revenue shall be invested in unit development & its maintenance and the remaining 20% for Panchayat development/welfare work.



1. In the next 5 years, 30% to 50% Panchayat will have their own brands of milk and dairy products or may become a part of chain system of popular brands. 

2. Manure bank could be used for organic farming.

3. Improved crop storage facilities at the Gram Panchayat level. Crops could be stored in cold storage and farmers may the availability of Reliable, tailored and localized/digital market for pricing their products to sell with the help of students of University Agriculture Department.

4.Youth become skilled with latest technologies. This development ultimately increases employment opportunities in the rural area resulting development of smart villages in India.

If the Government of India agrees with this concept, University may begin with its pilot project to work at 5 adopted villages under Gram Panchayat-Jharna & Gadota for developing rural India.

Our students can give their contribution through Community Development activities as it comes under the as compulsory curriculum of the University Mission Courses of which without obtain the credits, Degree is not awarded to students and our teaching staff can be involved in social duties which will provide them effective working experience along with the  increment.

This is a working model if this is successful it may be implemented for all other Universities/Institutes.




            JV'n Dr. Panckaj Garg
Founder & Advisor
Jayoti Vidyapeeth Women's University, Jaipur
Contact No- 9784011295